At Bellagroup we base our work on the concept of Responsible Hospitality. This means that we, in addition to delivering the best possible service for our guests and customers, also take responsibility for the impact that our business has on society and the environment and strive to affect our surroundings positively. 


We strive to be the leading hospitality company in Denmark by hosting moments that matter. This is our purpose and it encompasses our approach to everything that we do. We make the most of our potential to create positive impacts – for us, for our guests and for the community around us.

Due to this, we have defined sustainable focus areas and initiated concrete initiatives within each area. 


Food for thought


Food and Beverage procurement is central to our business activities. Quality, price and sustainability is of great importance to us - and when possible we prefer to engage directly with suppliers by visiting their sites and working with experts, in order to ensure best practice regarding the product.

When it comes to meat and dairy products, animal welfare is an important pillar of sustainability. It is an issue we care deeply about and the reason why we prioritize meat from suppliers who offer respectful and quality care for their animals.

We support our supplier selection with the following additional principles for sustainable sourcing, when possible.

Local sourcing stimulates our local economy. It means that our products are fresh and their transportation short, which helps reduce our climate impact.

Seasonal products are healthier, more cost-effective and environmentally friendly. Seasonal food is very often also local.

Fairly traded
We support fair trading conditions and encourage sustainable farming in developing countries through our sourcing. When we have limited insight into trade and labour conditions, we prefer to buy Fair Trade certified products.

Organic and biodynamic
Less harmful chemicals and pesticides in our food equals a healthier body and mind. It also keeps our ground water clean for future generations.

Animal welfare
We buy meat from local farmers that are committed to animal welfare. We also believe that the highest quality meat comes from healthy animals.

Sustainable Seafood
By primarily buying MCS or ASC certified seafood, we help protect our marine environment and reduce overfishing in our oceans.

Among our suppliers:

Hopballe Mølle Chicken 
We get our chicken from the farm Hopballe Mølle, their focus is on animal welfare and good ingredients. They offer quality meat sold directly from the farm without unnecessary intermediaries.

Nordic beef
Our beef is supplied by Nordic Beef. Their vision is to preserve and protect natural areas and landscapes in North Jutland, which are endangered by overgrowing. Nordic Beef has selected cattle breeds who are healthy, rugged and calm animals. 

Pork from Grambogårs
Grambogård, a farm that supplies pork from pigs that are bred under healthy and environmentally friendly conditions. The supply chain is as short as possible and that the final product is local, sustainable and of high quality.  

Milk from Øllingegaard Mejeri
Our milk comes from the dairy Øllingegaard Mejeri, who get their fresh milk from 11 organic farms in Zealand. Øllingegaard is 100% organic and in charge of both the production and transporting it to the consumers

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