At Bellagroup we base our work on the concept of Responsible Hospitality. This means that we, in addition to delivering the best possible service for our guests and customers, also take responsibility for the impact that our business has on society and the environment and strive to affect our surroundings positively. 


We strive to be the leading hospitality company in Denmark by hosting moments that matter. This is our purpose and it encompasses our approach to everything that we do. We make the most of our potential to create positive impacts – for us, for our guests and for the community around us.

Due to this, we have defined sustainable focus areas and initiated concrete initiatives within each area. 


Social partnerships


Bellagroup actively contributes to overcome social challenges in Denmark by integrating and including people who are having difficulties to enter the labour market.

Our close cooperation with the job centers and other organizations enables us to create concrete results and success stories for people who would otherwise be unemployed. We are dealing with people who belong to vulnerable groups in society and need help getting in or back in the labour market. We hire employees in internships, wage subsidies, flex jobs, student positions, etc.

Case: Insourcing housekeeping

From July 1 2019, AC Hotel Bella Sky Copenhagen will be short of 150-200 employees to fill the roles of e.g. housekeeping and housemen, and seeing as the labour doesn’t grow on trees, it has been necessary to look at alternative recruitment strategies. Therefore, on April 1, 21 hopeful integration citizens and recipients of social security with non-Western backgrounds started a 13-week internship at Bellagroup. 

Case: Job academy for marginalised groups

In autumn 2016, Bellagroup launched a Job Academy Programme for newly arrived refugees in partnership with Roskilde municipality. The programme offers refugees three-month internships alongside classes in Danish language, culture and labour market conditions. After the programme 12 out of 29 participants have found employment as members of the cleaning team at the five-star Copenhagen Marriott.  

See our video about the project here

The purpose with these programmes is first and foremost, to provide a marginalised group of individuals with a fair chance of gaining a foothold on the Danish labour market. As a business, however, we believe that such projects are hugely valuable. Diversity in the workplace is a major advantage in our service organisation, and the interaction between the new interns and our permanent employees, who are responsible for delivering their training, has already generated valuable insights and new perspectives on both working life and day-to-day life.